Award-winning visual artist who makes glass jewelry and sculptures as her primary media. Her delicate glass engraving art which makes an emotional connection, opens up and reinforces one’s inner desire to connect with nature, people, and one’s self. Elected member of the Guild of Glass Engravers, UK.



Founder, self-employed artist, Little Wing Studio(glass art)  
2009-Present, Northern California, USA/Toyama, Japan

  • Creates sculpture and jewelry for exhibits and sales in US, Japan, and UK
  • Operates personal glass studio as a hub for the production of glass art
  • Instructs glass craft classes/workshop
  • Teaching assistant, Pavel Mrkus /Digital Remix, Pilchuck Glass School, Seattle, USA


Founder, director, Artistic director, artist, Little Wing Co. Ltd. (Computer graphic art) 
1990-Present, Toyama, Japan

  • Directs and creates all artwork for award-winning video pinball series of 13 titles.
  • Operates licensing business with companies in North America, Europe, Japan, and Korea.


Major Exhibitions

Solo Shows

  • Soul Gardens III, Toyama Glass Museum/Shinsei-Kai Toyama Hospital Gallery, Toyama, Japan, 2016
  • Soul Gardens II, Gallery Iriya, Tokyo, Japan, 2015
  • Soul Gardens, Ecru+HM, Tokyo, Japan, 2013


Group Shows

  • Engraved Glass Art, Gallery Nagatani, Tokyo, Japan, 2017
  • Glass Appeal, Meguro Museum of Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2013, 2015


Selected Shows

  • Art on Fire, Pittsburgh Glass Center, Pittsburgh, USA, 2017, 2015
  • 21st Century Engraved Glass, Stourbridge, UK, 2017, 2015
  • Contemporary International Engraved Glass, London, UK, 2014
  • Pilchuck Glass School Auction Gala 33rd-37th, Seattle, USA, 2011-2015


Major Awards

  • Macworld Game Hall of Fame, USA, 2002, 1992
  • Best Simulation Game Finalist, Software Publisher Association, USA, 1994, 1993
  • Laboratory Award, Musashino Art University Graduation Exhibition, Japan, 1985


Major Bibliography

  • IDEA International Graphic Art and Typography, The Adventures of Little Wing, in issue No. 352 2012
  • The New York Times, Personal Computers; Give the Latest Fantasy in an Electronic Form, Dec. 7 1993



  • Certification of Glass Studies, Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, Toyama, Japan
  • Bachelor of Visual Communication Design, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan


Learn more about Ms. Nojima's computer graphics work at her LittleWing pinball website



ノジマ F. レイコ ビジュアルアーティスト 東京都出身


武蔵野美術大学視覚伝達デザイン学科卒業後、大手コンピュータメーカーやCGプロダクションでCGデザインの仕事に携わる。1990年に藤田善勝とLittleWing Co. Ltd. を設立、20年以上にわたってMacやiOS用など13タイトルのデジタルピンボールゲームのアートワークを制作、北米、日本、欧州などで高い評価を得る。


2007年に富山ガラス造形研究所に入学、2年間フルタイムでガラスアートを学ぶ。2009年に同研究所卒業後、個人工房リトルウイングスタジオを設立し、ガラスを主なメディアとして彫刻やジュエリーの制作、展示、販売を開始、国内外で公募展、グループ展に参加。2012年にCrystal CaliburnIIをiOS用にリリース後ゲーム制作を引退し、2013年よりガラス彫刻、キルンワークを主な技法として個展の開催を始める。作品は国内外で個人所蔵されている。英国Guild of Glass Engravers Craft member(正会員)




彫刻ガラスアート展 (東京 ギャラリー永谷)

Pittuburgh Glass Art Center Art On Fire展 入選 (米国 Pittuburgh)

21st Century Engraved Glass展 入選(英国Stourbridge)


個展 Soul Gardens III (Toyama Glass Art Museum Gallery, Shinsei-kai Toyama Hospital Gallery)


個展 Soul Gardens II (Gallery Iriya, Tokyo)

Pilchuck Glass School 37th Annual auction展 入選(米国 Washington)

Pittsburgh Glass Center Art On Fire展 入選(米国 Pittsburgh)

21st Century Engraved Glass展 入選(英国Stourbridge)

一期一会 JCDA企画展(高岡 B1 Gallery)

Glass Appeal 展(目黒美術館ギャラリー)


Pilchuck Glass School 36th Annual auction展 入選(米国 Washington)

Contemporary International Engraved Glass 2014 入選(英国 London)


Pilchuck Glass School 35th Annual auction展 入選(米 Washington)

個展 Soul Gardens --- Glass Carving Tableaux and Jewelry (東京 Ecru+HM )

Glass Appeal展(目黒美術館ギャラリー)


Pilchuck Glass School 34th Annual auction展 入選(米 Washington)

21st Century Engraved Glass展 入選(英 Stourbridge)

National Liberty Museum  2012 Glass weekend & auction展 入選(米 Philadelphia)



Pilchuck Glass School 33th Annual auction展 入選


Pilchuck Glass School Session3 パベル・マルクス"Digital Remix" Teaching

Assistantに選出(米国 Washington)


富山ガラス造形研究所造形科卒業、個人ガラス工房LittleWing Studio設立


富山県美術展 工芸部門 入選


LittleWing Co. Ltd. 設立


武蔵野美術大学視覚伝達デザイン学科卒業 卒業制作展 銅版画絵本”The Earthly Paradise Maldives” 研究室賞




At LittleWing Studio with her Spazier lathe


With her installation Woods of Leaf Miners in Soul Gardens III



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