Artist with 26 years of professional work experience, whose portfolio shows a variety of accomplishments such as artistic exhibitions and commercial applications as an independent video game creator. Possesses a strong sense of artistry, which engages the audience to access their inner self through the emotions evoked by her work.



Little Wing Studio  Toyama, Japan/San Mateo, CA, June 2009 — Present

Founder, self-employed artist

Exhibits glass-based art in solo shows and group shows. Operates Little Wing Studio as a hub for the production of glass art and jewelry products, as well as a venue for glass craft classes.


Little Wing Co. Ltd.  Toyama, Japan, January 1990 — Present

Founder, director, Artistic director, artist

Designed all artwork, using 2D/3D specialist software, for 12 award-winning video pinball titles that have sold over 2 million units around the world, as well as carrying out directing, publishing, and licensing duties; 75% of these sales were in North America and Europe.


Successfully conducts business with a number of companies around the world, including a collaboration with the Japanese rock band Love Psychedelico, and Victor Entertainment, Inc.


Major Exhibitions

Solo show, Soul Gardens III, Glass Installation and Jewelry, Toyama Glass Art Museum Gallery/Shinsei-kai Toyama Hospital Gallery, Toyama, Japan 2016

Solo show, Soul Gardens II, Glass Installation and Jewelry, Gallery Iriya, Tokyo, Japan 2015

Solo show, Soul Gardens, Glass Tableaux and Jewelry, Ecru+HM, Tokyo, Japan 2013

21st Century Engraved Glass, Stourbridge, UK, 2015

Contemporary International Engraved Glass, London, UK, 2014



Macworld 2002 Game Hall of Fame

Best Simulation of 1994, 1993 (SPA Award Finalist)

Macworld 1992 Game Hall of Fame


Major Bibliography

IDEA International Graphic Art and Typography, “The Adventures of Little Wing” in issue No. 352, May 2012

The New York Times, Personal Computers; “Give the Latest Fantasy in an Electronic Form,”
December 7, 1993



Reiko F. Nojima is a jeweler, sculptor, and computer graphics designer who focuses on depicting the elements of the human psyche and its connection to the human body and to nature in glass, metal, and digital data.


She owns LittleWing Studio, where she produces glass portraits and carved-glass jewelry, as well as holds glass craft classes.


In her successful 22-year career as a computer graphics artist and co-owner of LittleWing Co. Ltd. in Toyama Japan, she developed 13 digital pinball titles on many platforms worldwide, including iOS, Macintosh and Windows.  Her pinball titles have sold over a million copies, mostly in the U.S.A., Japan and Europe, and have won many prizes such as Best Simulation Game of Software Publishers Association and Best Arcade Game of Macworld Hall of Fame in the U.S.A.


Also, numerous rave reviews and articles  have been published worldwide, both on  the Internet  and in newspapers , including the New York Times and  the Washington Post, and in computer magazines such as Macworld. Most recently, the Japanese graphic design magazine IDEA featured  the article The Adventure of LittleWing in issue No.352, published in May 2012.


Ms. Nojima started to learn silversmithing in 1991 and glass craft in 1994, and in 2007 she entered Toyama Institute of Glass Art to open up her new career as a professional sculptor and jeweler employing glass. Shortly after graduating T.I.G.A. in 2009, she opened LittleWing Studio to produce glass art pieces as well as hold glass craft classes.


In 2010, she was selected as a TA for Pavel Mrkus for his session Digital Remix at Pilchuck Glass School. In 2011, Days of Knossos was selected  for the Toyama Glass Triennial. Her works  have also been selected for the Annual Pilchuck Auction in 2011 and 2012, the  2012 Glass Weekend and Auction at the National Liberty Museum, and 21st Century Engraved Glass of The Guild of Glass Engravers at Red House Glass Cone, which is a part of the International Festival of Glass 2012 in Stourbridge, the U.K. In August 2012, she passed the assessment and  secured her Craft Membership of The Guild of Glass Engravers.


She received a B.F.A. from Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 1985. Her graduation work, a color-etching picture book, The Earthly Paradise Maldives, received a Laboratory choice award.


Learn more about Ms. Nojima's computer graphics work at her LittleWing pinball website



ビジュアルアーティスト 東京都出身


武蔵野美術大学視覚伝達デザイン学科卒業後、大手コンピュータメーカーやCGプロダクションでCGデザインの仕事に携わる。1990年に藤田善勝とLittleWing Co. Ltd. を設立、20年以上にわたってMacやiOS用など13タイトルのデジタルピンボールゲームのアートワークを制作。


2007年に富山ガラス造形研究所に入学、2年間フルタイムでガラスアートを学ぶ。2009年に同研究所卒業後、個人工房リトルウイングスタジオを設立。2012年にCrystal CaliburnIIをiOS用にリリース後、ゲーム制作を引退。2013年に初個展Soul Gardensを開催。現在はフルタイムでガラス彫刻絵画、ジュエリーを制作している。2015年秋に上野のいりや画廊で2回目の個展Soul Gardens IIを開催。英国Guild of Glass Engravers Craft member(正会員)



個展 Soul Gardens III (Toyama Glass Art Museum Gallery, Shinsei-kai Toyama Hospital Gallery)


個展 Soul Gardens II (Gallery Iriya, Tokyo)

Pilchuck Glass School 37th Annual auction展 入選(米国 Washington)

Pittsburgh Glass Center Art On Fire展 入選(米国 Pittsburgh)

21st Century Engraved Glass展 入選(英国Stourbridge)

一期一会 B1 Gallery JCDA企画展

Glass Appeal2015展


Pilchuck Glass School 36th Annual auction展 入選(米国 Washington)

Contemporary International Engraved Glass 2014 入選(英国 London)


Pilchuck Glass School 35th Annual auction展 入選(米 Washington)

個展 Soul Gardens --- Glass Carving Tableaux and Jewelry (銀座 Ecru+HM )

Glass Appeal展


Pilchuck Glass School 34th Annual auction展 入選(米 Washington)

21st Century Engraved Glass展 入選(英 Stourbridge)

National Liberty Museum  2012 Glass weekend & auction展 入選(米 Philadelphia)



Pilchuck Glass School 33th Annual auction展 入選


Pilchuck Glass School Session3 パベル・マルクス"Digital Remix" Teaching

Assistantに選出(米国 Washington)


富山ガラス造形研究所造形科卒業、個人ガラス工房LittleWing Studio設立


富山県美術展 工芸部門 入選


LittleWing Co. Ltd. 設立


武蔵野美術大学視覚伝達デザイン学科卒業 卒業制作展 銅版画絵本”The Earthly Paradise Maldives” 研究室賞



At LittleWing Studio with her lathe

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